The Lego Batman Movie

The movie I chose to do was the Lego batman movie. I decided to do this movie because I thought that it was the most interesting out of all the options. The director of this films name is Chris Mckay. I think the best scene in the film was when Batman saves Robin from blowing himself up. I think Batman gave the best performance because he was the main character and he was also a good fighter thinker and strategist. Although I think that this was a good film I do not think that it is the best one i have ever seen in my life. I don’t think the film was a bad film so it wasn’t the worst film either. If I was to give this movie a grade I would give it a 80. I don’t really know to much about the director who made this film but I don’t hate the film. I think it was enjoyable and funny to watch. If I was to rate this film on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 7. The writer created 5 interesting characters.

This film is related t the directors other films because some of his other films are lego. It is different because it has different characters in each movie he makes. I predicted a few things before the writer revealed them to me some of them were obvious and some were a little harder to figure out. The emotions that I felt while watching this film were the same as the way batman felt. He felt the need to be alone so I could relate to him there. But overall the film made me laugh get excited and have a little fun.

Batman was acting a little out of the ordinary because in all the other films that I have seen him in he has always been serious about everything he does no matter what is it. I was absorbed into the film because it was a very interesting one and I liked it because when I was a kid I used to play with legos so watching this movie was like nostalgia for me.

The lesson that the movie was teaching was not to push your family or people that are trying to help you away. It was also teaching you how not to dwell on the past because in the movie batman thought he could handle everything on his own but had came to realize that it was going to take more than him to defeat all the villains and save Gotham City. There was one part in the movie where batman was fighting people with his newly adopted son robin and non of the villains could touch them because they were moving so fast. Another part of the movie I would be comfortable talking to a friend about was when robin snuck into superman’s fortress and stole a weapon that could open up a portal to a prison where all the super villains were held. In my opinion I think this film is good enough for you to sit and watch and be entertained because it wasn’t bad but at the same time it wasn’t a highly rated film when it comes to people liking it and I think the same way.

Overall the movie was about how batman was lonely and didn’t have a family. But he also had a fear that if he did get a family that something bad would happen to them. But as the story progressed he had adopted a son and started to spend time with him. After that he met a woman who was trying to help him bring Gotham City back together. He also had some fear of her getting hurt to and his butler Alfred was gonna join in to to help stop the crimes in Gotham City. At one point in the movie batman’s fear got the best of him and he sent them away. But after realizing that he needed them he got over his fear and started to accept his new family.

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